Acute Care

Paramedic with Patient on Stretcher

The Acute Care Division at Clark and Company is our largest team. Our regionalized recruitment teams have partnered with acute care hospitals to provide leadership solutions across the country. The regional expertise of each team member has created a deep understanding of local trends and markets on a state to state basis. The most common leadership searches fall within Critical Care and Emergency Services, however our Acute care division also understands how beneficial an effective leader can be within Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, Infection Control, Quality & Risk, and Case Management operations.

The Acute care team has successfully placed: Chief Nursing Officer, Manager Emergency Services, Chief Operation Officer, Director of Case Management, Director of Emergency Services, Director of Quality, Director of Nursing, Director of ICU, Manager of ICU, VP Ancillary Services, and other Acute Care leaders.

Please contact Ryan Combellick, Acute Care Team Leader
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